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FTG is a concentrated fluorescent green water additive leak tracer dye which is biodegradable, non-toxic. Recommended to trace or monitor or analyze. Description. Wildfire's Luminescent Water Dyes radiate brilliantly under black light. Available in five different colors that can be intermixed to create. FREE shipping on your Bright Dye Products, Water Tracing Dye Powder throughout the US and Canada. Purchase online from Promag Enviro for your water tracing. GLO Effex UV Reactive Water Dye is a concentrated UV reactive tracer water dye used to create dramatic water lighting effects for all occasions or projects. IFWB-C8 Fluorescent Yellow Green Water Tracer Additive Concentrate EPA Approved and for Drinking Water. The IFWB-C8 Yellow Green are EPA Approved and Certified.

Trace A Leak Liquid Septic Dye test is for water dye testing of septic systems and can be used to trace plumbing leaks and analyze the septic field. Green. Product details · Highly concentrated fluorescent water tracing and leak detection dye · Highly visible formulation is non-toxic and biodegradable · Treats up to. GLO Effex UV Reactive Water Dyes are a highly concentrated dye and tracer used to create dramatic water lighting effects when exposed to a black light. Citywide Water Tracing Dye is highly concentrated and formulated for use in all types of water/sewer flow studies and pollution investigations. Introduce Norlab A/C Dye within chilled water pipes, as the water is circulating throughout your facility. Leaks will show the applied dye color. Atlantic Typhoon Pond Dye · Pond dyes help filter out UV rays from the sun · Concentrated formula - use one ounce per gallons of water! · Does not stain or. Pond Dye blocks UV rays from the sun to decrease algae and weed growth while adding rich color to your pond or lake water. WATER TRACING DYES. Presto Dyechem is a leader in the manufacturing of water tracing dyes. Our Trace-A-Leak dyes are widely used for color identification in. Industry · Cole-Parmer Blue Dye Tracers · Cole-Parmer Fluorescent Red Dye Tracers. Pink dye for tinting water in small water features, fountains, or decorative water falls. Emerald Green Water Dye Share: Emerald Green Water dye is designed for use in fountains, small ponds, water features, and canals. This is a dark green water.

Color: Bright Dyes Standard Blue · May be used for visual inspections · Frequently used for decorative effects · Evaluation of household systems · Generally. This water tracing dye is non-staining, non-toxic and biodegradable, therefore it will not harm equipment, fish, or wildlife. The dye can be traced more. Solaron™ Tracer Dye is a safe and non-toxic dye which acts as a color label for individual drops of water, visually indicating the path where the liquid is. FTB is a concentrated fluorescent blue leak tracer dye which is biodegradable, non-toxic and immediately miscible in water. Maintain pristine water with our pond and lake dyes to shield against UV rays. Find premium pond dye for sale, perfect for small ponds. Product Description. EvaRuby™ is the first visible red DNA-binding dye for both qPCR and HRM. The dye has unique spectral properties that minimize cross-talk. Concentrated Liquid Dye is a safe, non-toxic, biodegradable & water-soluble concentrated liquid dye. Disperses immediately in water for low. Blue Pond dye is commonly used in smaller ponds and creates a natural looking blue tinted water color. Black Pond dye creates a reflective surface on the water. Black dye brings out the reflective characteristics of any pond or lake. Sweet Water™ pond and lake dye is a highly concentrated product that shades and.

Our Water Tracing Dyes are designed to be seen with the naked eye in most leak detection cases. Commercially available UV Detectors will enhance the visibility. Concentrated Red Tracer Dye - Highly Concentrated Fluorescent Water Tracing & Leak Detection Dye - One Gallon ( Ounces). Safely dyes water an attractive blue color to shade and protect lakes and large ponds. Description Color: Bright Dyes FWT Red Red offers greater contrast to heavy concentrations of green algae If the water were yellow Bright Dyes FWT Red would. SPE-WGG-8CS · Highly concentrated dye that fluoresces green · Pinpoint leaks in piping, valves, condensers, seals, welds, and fittings · Ideal for use as part.

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Detect illegal discharge of watercraft holding tanks in the harbor or marina. These fluorescent yellow/green xanthene dye tablets are EPA acceptable and.

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